Questions on Designs in Turkey

  • Citizens of Republic of Turkey.

  • Natural persons or legal entities having residential location or involved in industrial or commercial activities within the borders of Republic of Turkey.

  • People who have the right of application in accordance with the provisions of Paris Convention or the Agreement Establishing the World Trade Organization dated 15/04/1994.

  • In accordance with the principle of reciprocity, people with nationality of states that provide protection of industrial property rights for people who are of Turkish Nationality.

  • Name and address of the applicant

  • Name and address of the designer

  • Visual representations of the design product

  • Locarno classification of the product subject to the design application

  • Voucher or document indicating that the application fee has been paid

  • If priority right is claimed, information showing that the fee of priority right claim is paid

  • Original priority document and its Turkish translation (if priority is claimed)

Yes, it is possible to file multiple design applications in Turkey, however for designs or products to be subject to a multiple design application, they must be in the same class.

When the ex-officio examination of the application completed by TURKPATENT, the design applications are published in the Official Bulletin for 3 months and within these three months oppositions can be filed by third parties.

The design registrations can be renewed in every 5 years (up to 25 years in total) starting from the application date.

It is possible that late renewal with a penalty fee may be paid within 6 months from the expiration date.

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